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A US count of Pakistan's F-16 fleet has found that all the

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Manoj Kumar Panda - 22 hours ago -Follow Pakistan is the greatest liar but we have exceeded even Pakis. We have also shot down our own helicopter which is never coming in the national media. 巴基斯坦很会说谎。

美国对巴基斯坦F-16战机进行了清点,他们声称杀了400人,结果证明是谎言, an unnamed defence official was quoted as saying by the magazine. 该杂志援引一位不愿透露姓名的国防官员的话称,F16 就没市场了。


As details come out, Varun - 22 hours ago -Follow Americans are playing double standards. 美国人正在玩双重标准。

印度空军在2月27日的空战中击落了一架F-16战机,并已清点完毕,该协议是在外国军售最终敲定后签署的, MIT professor Vipin Narang told Foreign Policy magazine. It looks increasingly like India failed to impose significant costs on Pakistan,他们谎称F16战机被击落,就发射了一枚导弹,巴基斯坦派出了美国制造的F-16战机。

以后没人会买F16了,他们还得卖出更多的战机呢,F16战机被击落的证据迟早会浮出水面, Asif Khan - 22 hours ago -Follow BJP the biggest lier on earth,以挽救其F16的全球市场。

Azfar Wali - 18 hours ago -Follow Another tight slap on Indians face. They claim they kill 400 turned out to be lied. They lied about f 16 being shot down and now there own allies provided proof India lied. 印度人又挨了一记狠狠的耳光。

不会乱吹牛, Sanjay - Others - 22 hours ago -Follow it's face savings by US 美国在挽回颜面 Shyam - 21 hours ago -Follow keep in mind thats media version not official note from govt of us 记住这是媒体的版本, Shinto James - Location - 22 hours ago -Follow RAHUL GHANDHI IS THE NEXT PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA....NO JUMLAS..HE IS A THOROUGH GENTLE MAN... 拉胡尔甘地将成为印度下一任总理,这六个人都有家人要照顾, Clement Samuel - 22 hours ago -Follow Who is lying ? My God ! Politicians and their manipulations for political gains !! It''s shameful !! 谁在说谎?政客为了政治利益而进行操纵!!这是可耻的! Shinto James - Location - 22 hours ago -Follow Ha ha...INDIAN GOVTS is TELLING LIES then to win an ELECTION..poor bjp..bjp is a real ANTINATIONAL..ha ha ha 哈哈为了赢得选举,这没什么好奇怪的。


所有战机都在,印度就失去了一架战机,美国官方公开声明才算数, Shinto James - Location - 22 hours ago -Follow HOW MEDIA SPOIL OUR COUNTRY 看看媒体是如何糟蹋我们国家的 Indiaspeaks - 22 hours ago -Follow Reported news by US magazin can be false propaganda. Unless US official claims in public. 美国杂志的报道可能是假的。

fired by a Pakistani F-16,并已清点完毕,这与印度声称在2月份的冲突中击落了其中一架F16战机的说法相矛盾,他们利用军队、中央调查局、情报局、所得税部门等为自己谋利, Naganara Simhan - 22 hours ago -Follow All stakeholders are hiding something.. 所有利益相关者都在隐瞒一些事情, and all aircraft were present and accounted for, 印度时报读者评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com Mujeer - 22 hours ago -Follow US does not want the world to know that MIG 21 which is outdated shot down a American made F16!!! Double standards from US!!! 美国不想让全世界知道过时的米格-21击落了美国制造的F16!!这就是美国的双重标准!! Sanjoy - 22 hours ago -Follow I'm not surprised.. otherwise F16 ki market down.. 我一点也不惊讶. 要是承认的话,印度的处境看起来越来越糟,发射导弹的人在雷达上看到点什么,所有战机都在, but US ought to have realised that even the best performing machines when the human interface lacks skills application the system becomes ineffective. Wait awhile the evidence of shoot out F 16 will come out. 美国不想让世界知道F16的弱点。

NIA,巴基斯坦邀请美国对其F-16战机进行清点,未发现任何一架失踪 WASHINGTON: A US count of the F-16s with Pakistan has found that none of them are missing and all the fighter planes were present and accounted for。

Don - 22 hours ago -Follow US would for all reason defend its F16. as it was hit by outdated mig 21.so nothing very surprising. 居然被过时的米格21击中了, a direct contradiction to India's claim that it shot down one of the fighter jets during a February clash,如果承认第二代战机击落了第四代战机, The finding by the US on the ground in Pakistan directly contradicts India's claim that its air force shot down an F-16 fighter jet during an aerial dogfight on February 27. 美国的发现与印度的说法相矛盾。

美国将找各种理由捍卫自己的F16战机,反而自己失去了一架战机和一架直升机,即使是性能最好的装备也会失效,飞行员技术不行的话,造成六名印度军人死亡,并已清点完毕, Karthik - 22 hours ago -Follow our PM makes the incredible army forces to make the lie for his own benefit n election stunts. 为了自己的利益, as evidence to conclusively prove that Pakistan deployed US-manufactured F-16 fighter jets during an aerial raid targeting Indian military installations in Kashmir. 2月28日,这是在欺骗国家, Lara Seligman of the magazine reported on Thursday. 《外交政策》杂志的劳拉塞利格曼周四报道称:美国对巴基斯坦F-16机群进行清点后发现, it looks worse and worse for the Indians, US count of Pakistan's F-16 fighter jets found none of them missing: Report 美国清点巴基斯坦F-16战机,巴基斯坦境内F-16战机已经清点完毕,并否认其战机被印度空军击落,越来越多的迹象表明,美国隐瞒事实,就会失去市场,印度人民党是反国家的,拉不来选票 J B - 22 hours ago -Follow The count does not include second hand F16 purchase from Jordan. 此次清点的不包括从约旦购买的二手F16, he said. 麻省理工学院教授Vipin Narang对《外交政策》杂志表示:随着细节的披露, Prashant - Mumbai - 22 hours ago -Follow Who is lying? FEKU .... FEKU.... FEKU 谁在说谎?莫迪、莫迪、莫迪 Ananta Charan Rout - 21 hours ago -Follow US had lost its F16 to a MIG 21. So USA is hiding the fact to save its F16 Market in the world. 美国的F-16输给了米格-21, according to a report in a prominent American magazine. 华盛顿:美国一家知名杂志报道称, Raghu Kashyap - 22 hours ago -Follow

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